Dear Hydrangea enthusiasts,


Welcome to the September 2009 newsletter for Hydrangea Plus®.   


What’s Happening…

We are experiencing some wonderfully cool weather, mid 70s to 80s now, perfect weather for plants and people alike.  Kids are almost back to school and they are excited to be able to see their friends again.


We still pruning hydrangeas, fertilizing and doing a little grow dance for some of those varieties that are still a little small.  I will be checking on the plants every week so if we’re out of stock, just check back.  Or email me with the size and cultivar and I can email you when they are back in stock.


In case you didn’t know, I’m a little bit of a number geek. As a math major in college, I always go a little crazy when dates have a numerical significance.  I celebrated Pi day (March 14 at 1:59 = 3.14159) and square root day (March 3, 2009 = 3, 3, 9) and of course this coming Wednesday is September 9th, 2009 and 9-9-9.  Did you notice that our catalog is volume 9?  Eerie coincidence, eh?


Garden Excavation

The WALL is complete.  I really thought that was going to be the hard part but no I’m wondering what I was thinking.  We are excited for our garden setting to be complete and we will keep you posted on the progress.  Just think, next summer, we may have some great blooms to look at during our open garden days.  I’ll post the pictures on our Facebook soon.



Welcome new Facebook subscribers.  We have almost 2000 fans. Yes, we are online and jumping into this new mode of information.  First YouTube and now this!  Join us for updates, information, interesting happenings and other hydrangea news.  Just search for Hydrangeas Plus or go to   Just search for hydrangeasplus on Facebook and become a fan.   David is trying to get me to Twitter.  I’m not sure about that one but he’s not usually wrong about this technology stuff.


LeTour Des Plants – September 12th – 20th, 2009

We’ve begun putting the hydrangeas in our retail houses and I’ll spend a lot of next week picking up supplies and setting up for this wonder event.  Fall is a wonderful time to plant hydrangeas.  The Oregon Association of Nurseries is presenting the tour again this year.  In case you haven’t heard, this is a self-guided tour of garden centers and nurseries in Oregon and SW Washington.  Visit the website at for other participating members.  Here is our schedule for the event.


Weekdays:  Noon to 4pm

Weekends:  10:00am to 5:00pm

Everyday special – Free Hydrangeas Plus® fertilizer or lime with every $50 purchase


Saturday, September 12th – Kickoff for the LeTour Des Plants

Opening day contest – enter to win $100 Gift Certificate for Hydrangeas Plus


10:00am – Cut hydrangea demonstration by Kristin, get those beautiful blooms to last


1:30pm – Select and Grow kiwi in the northwest with Paul Simmons of KM Farms.  Paul is our local Kiwi grower and honey maker and he will have honey to taste and purchase.  Paul will discuss kiwi, honey and bees.


2:00pm – Stump the hydrangea experts – Kristin, Scott and Paul will be our expert panel.  Bring your cuttings, blooms or leaves and we’ll try to guess the cultivar, or at least narrow it down.


2:30pm – Guided Tour of the Nursery with Scott Christy of Terra Nova nurseries.  Scott has a passion for hydrangeas and come share his knowledge as we walk through the nursery.  Scott was recently promoted to the Sales Manager at the cutting edge nursery, Terra Nova, Canby, Oregon.


Sunday, September 13th

1:00pm, 2:00pm and if anyone asks -  Hydrangea pruning demonstration with Kristin, find out how to prune without losing your hydrangea blossoms for next summer.


Saturday, September 19th

10:00am – Cut flower demonstration and pruning demonstration by Kristin

2:00pm – Nursery tour with Kristin


Sunday, September 20th

1:00pm, 2:00pm and if anyone asks -  Hydrangea pruning demonstration with Kristin


Hydrangeas will be 20 to 30% off retail catalog prices here at Hydrangeas Plus®.  Please come visit us and pickup a new hydrangea or two.


Free Shipping for Fall orders over $150

This is a special offer now through October 31st.  For US address, you can get free shipping on your orders shipped in September, October and November if you order before the End of October.  Just use the Coupon Code FREE SHIPPING after you’ve added $150 of plants and amendments to your shopping cart.  Under ‘Redeem a discount coupon’, type FREE SHIPPING.  Continue shopping or fill out the remaining customer information.  You won’t see any obvious signs that the coupon is in place.  The shipping cost will be zero once you’ve gone to the summary page.  I’m asking that these orders ship this year, 2009.  If you have trouble with the coupon, just type me a note in the special shipping instructions and I will adjust the shipping cost to zero for you.  Thank you in advance for your fall orders.  We have some great looking plants!


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Kristin VanHoose

Hydrangeas Plus®