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Welcome to the October 2008 e-mail newsletter for Hydrangeas Plus®.  

We wrapped up LeTour des Plants in September and what a blast we had here showing folks the nursery and helping all grow better hydrangeas. Fall is a great time to plant for most parts of the country.  If you're not sure about fall planting, call your local agriculture extension office and ask.

Is anyone else's head just spinning from the news coverages?  Election, Bailout, baseball playoffs.  I've got the solution!  Work in your garden.

Youtube video

Hydrangea Lady videos are available right on your computer.  David, our fabulous webmaster and expert on all things computer, got the video from the nursery onto my Mac, now I just have to cut and paste, add a little music and make you some videos. Remember, I'm hydrangealady on YouTube at  Pruning video is coming!  Sorry for the delay - my hard drive is too full on the Mac.


I'm out there every few weeks checking on those cultivars and doing the grow dance.  The 1 year plants are just getting potted up into the containers so those won't be rooted until next year but most the 2 year and 3 year plants will be ready this fall.  Just email me if you're waiting for something.  I'll let you know when I put it back in stock.  With our upgrade, the notification of 'back in stock' wasn't available so I'm back to manual transmission for that one.  I've been a little behind here so the new varieties will come on line soon.  Keep checking back, these will be the talk of the industry!


We added a little fall incentive for you.  In addition to other offers (some discount prices, free shipping over $200), now we're offering another discount.  This discount will automatically apply to your shopping basket.

FREE SHIPPING for fall orders (over $199)

That time of the year again, we're offering free shipping for your orders OVER $199 in September, October and November.  Use the Coupon Code FREE SHIP after you've added the products to your shopping cart (that's just 5 of our 3 year plants, on average at retail price) and in the cart, under 'Redeem a discount coupon, type FREE SHIP.  Continue shopping or fill out your customer information after that.  You won't notice anything on the cart that says you have the coupon in place.  Other than shipping cost will be zero.  These orders must ship in September, October or November of this year, 2008.  If you have trouble using the coupon, just type me a note in the special shipping instructions and I can adjust this at my end.  

Select varieties on sale

Check in the 'On Sale Now' category for deals for this fall.

2009 catalog

Address Rule changing for the USPS  - Oh my, as if we don't have enough to worry about with rising costs!  Please let us know about your address changes.  Affective November 23rd, new Move Update regs.  What does that mean?  Probably nothing for those of you that haven't moved in the last year but for us mailers, it means mail will not be delivered to address over 95 days old.  That's half of the previous requirement of 185 days.  

So keep us up to date if you moved or didn't get an order from us this year.  You may not get a catalog for 2009.

New varieties coming soon - December 1st

Oh, so many to choose from.  Many of you that visited us in September saw the preview.

Highlight!  Brunette Pinky Winky Painter's Pallett Merritt's Beauty

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