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Welcome to the May 2010 newsletter for Hydrangea Plus®.  We had a few really great days of sun and got the garden planted for Mother’s Day.  Weather is forecast for rain, rain and more rain this week so we’re outside enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.  I think I got a little sun yesterday but that really could be rust from the long, wet winter.


What’s Happening…


May is typically our busiest month and guess what I did, I went to Washington DC!  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Our Oregon Association of Nurseries is honored to visit our Oregon senators and representatives two times per year.  Our current president was unable to make the trip so I, as the president elect, was asked to take his place and represent our industry.  David was holding down the office and shuttling children here and there.  It was glorious weather in Washington and very little humidity while we were there.  We watched the Nationals (nicknamed, the Nats) beat the Braves with a classic double play in the top of the ninth and saw the monuments all lit from the Potomac River.


Yes, busy May.  Not only are most of our customers most ready for hydrangeas and lots of blooms after a long winter, but we’re doing our overstock sale, planting, repairing more greenhouses, checking equipment and planting and propagating. 


Our spring overstock sale was a success!  I hope you were able to come and pickup some great deals on hydrangeas and the other plant material we grow.  Our customer base just keeps growing.  I had several customers from our neighbor to the north (Washington State) as well as a couple that drove from the California border, just for the sale!  This is our annual sale that takes place the two weeks before Mother’s Day every year.  We hold this annual sale at this time because it allows us to make room for new plants.  And, our local customers get some great deals.


We’re planting our new crop of hydrangeas now.  We shift the hydrangeas to a larger container and in just a few months, we’ll be back in stock with most everything in the 2 year and 3 year size.   I’m trying to plant some more of the 1 year plants as well.  We have some great hydrangeas on sale for $30 – See our category ‘On Sale Now’.  And, we extended free shipping again so check out the front page of our website.  Still lots of hydrangeas available!


Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom here.  I’ll try to get out there and get some video and put that on Facebook.  I was able to get some new pictures yesterday on Facebook.  We have so many plants just bursting to bloom.  Serratas are showing a little color too.  Those glorious leaves really should be somewhere in your garden.


Hydrangeas Plus® Catalog (X)


The number 10 catalog is done and printed and it looks gorgeous.  Remember that I’m going to have to charge for them this year.  Because we are doing fewer, the cost is much much greater.  The charge is $5.  Order on line (at or send me a check to


Hydrangeas Plus®

PO BOX 389

Aurora OR 97002


You may order a FREE download version of the catalog. 


SALE and Free Shipping


I have many of our large, 3 year plants on sale now for $30.  Check out what new varieties I just added today, too.  And, I extended the Free Shipping coupon for another month just to save you some extra dough.  Free shipping for orders of $199 or more, good though June 1st.  It’s a goofy coupon so if you have trouble, I will adjust it (automatically) at my end. 


The coupon code is FREE SHIPPING and use that in the coupon code section (below the shopping cart) once your order has reached $199.  You will not see the coupon activated and if there is an error, the top of the shopping cart will say, ‘you have entered the incorrect coupon code!’.  But, if you have trouble, just know I’ll fix that for you at my end.




Welcome new Facebook subscribers.  We have almost 4000 fans and not all of them are our relatives anymore!  Yes, we are online and jumping into this new mode of information.  Join us for updates, information, interesting happenings and other hydrangea news.  Just search for Hydrangeas Plus or go to


It is addicting, this facebook thing but I love staying in constant contact.  I try to visit the page at least once a week to answer questions and post pictures or hot topics.


Working and office schedule


Summer break is almost upon us.  We’ll ship on just Tuesdays starting in mid-June, just for the summer, so that we can focus on nursery projects.  We’ll again try to be in the office most mornings for questions and orders but don’t hesitate to email us from our website or leave a phone message.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Hydrangeas Plus® important dates for your calendar – more details on the website


Here at the nursery

NW Hydrangea Society sign-ups (and tours of the nursery)

May 29th – 10am to 3pm

May 30th – 10am to 2pm

(I will have signup available online, too)

Keep your fingers crossed for blooms!


Gardenpalooza, The Tour  – Second weekend in September



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