Hydrangeas Plus :: Testimonials


We pride ourselves in providing our customers with healthy and vibrant plants. Our motto, "We grow with care and it shows...", is not just lip service. The following is just a sampling of what our customers say about Hydrangeas Plus:

  • Picked up my two hydrangeas today and just finished transplanting them. They're in excellent shape. No sign of stress in either of them. Thanks once again. --Keith - Canada
  • Hi, just a note to let you know that a few years back I placed a big order of all sorts of kinds for my brand new house. They have been absolutely, impossibly, gantastically ogrgeous this year. I am a wedding florist and I have been cutting and using them all season much to my delight. Whatever you do it works and I am so sold on your nursery. Thanks!! I am cleaning out another 50 foot spread to fill, addicted I guess. --Sue - MA
  • Just wanted to let you know that I received everything yesterday and they look great! it's actually raining (I think that's what that wet stuff falling from the sky is) here for the first time in FOREVER! --Karen - NC (NOTE from Kristin - we sent that for you, we had a little extra)
  • Looking mighty fine. Many thanks, Kristin. --Colleen - MA
  • The eagle has landed! Received the Schizophragma yesterday and it's in awesome shape. I expect it to shoot to 25' by next summer and have oodles of blossoms! Gail - MD
  • Kristin, we thought you'd like to know that the four Annabelles we bought from you last yer have put on a magnificent display in our garden. We're looking forward to even better next year. Katie & Gordon - WA
  • Thank you! It arrived in excellent shape. --MJ - MA
  • They arrived and are in great shape, planting on Sunday! --M - KS
  • The plant arrived and it is quite lush and beautiful. I am very excited! Thank you so much. --Sandy - CA
  • I just want tot say thnk you very much for my order. I got home last night and the hydrangeas were on the front steps, ready for me to plant. I was very happy and surprised to see that they arrive dto my house in NY in only 2 days. The plants are the nicest quality hydrangeas I've ever see! They were packaged perfectly and arrived in beautiful shape. Your customer service and communication regarding shipment has been excellent. I won't be shopping for hydrangeas at any other place. You've won me over as a loyal hydrangeasplus customer and I look forwatrd to expanding my collection with plants from you. --AL - NY
  • Hello, Just letting you know how pleased I am with the hydrangeas I ordered. They are so very healthy and a good size as well. I shall keep you at the top of my list for Mail Order. --Winnie
  • I want to let you know that my order arrived in perfect condition on Friday. As usual my plants are beautiful and ready to go in the ground. --Marianne - GA
  • Just a note to inform. The plant arrived today, the 15th, and in fantastic condition. Look forward to doing business with your company in the near future. Appreciate the constant order status. --W
  • The new catalog is not only very informative, it is beautiful! The colors and even the paper is very, very professional. It's like having a Dirr book in soft cover! You did a great job. As always, I thank you for the beauty you add to my life. --Deborah - FL
  • The hydrangeas arrived today and look great. --Charlene - CA
  • I'm off to water color class, your catalog in hand, it's stunning, ...I'll be order a few more shortly but today I will use your GORGEOUS catalog for joy and inspiration. Congrats on a job well done. --Martha - MI
  • Just to let you know that my plants arrived yesterday in beautiful condition! The packing was great and the plants are so healthy. I feel that I really took a chance placing such a large "first order" with a company that I personally knew nothing about. But now I can comfortably recommend Hydrangeas Plus to anyone as a responsive, reliable company with excellent products, who ship exactly what they describe in their literature.
    RUTH - NC
  • Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and both plants look great. They are already planted and doing well. Thanks so much for your assistance with ensuring that everything went as planned. I already had 5 other hydrangeas which I had purchased from you in the past planted in my garden which are all doing very well. I also wanted to let you know that the shape that these hydrangeas arrived in was very nice. The foliage and shape of the plant is the nicest I've seen yet.
    Jim - NY
  • Just wanted to let you know that I received my shipment last week and I am very pleased! All plants arrived in excellent condition. My 2 blaumeise are in their raised bed, and seem happy to be there so far. I I have temporarily put the schizophragma in a large pot until I prepare its bed. It's perfect: you sent one that already has begun to spread, so I think it will do well next spring. I love it!
  • Thank you for your newsletter each month - they are always great to read.
  • Thank you. I rec'd the hydrangeas only a few days after ordering them and they are in good condition. I appreciate your promptness.
  • I just received my plants yesterday and got them in the ground last night. I must commend you on the beautiful size and condition of my first order. So many times I have been disappointed with mail orders. Your 1 year plants are healthy and bushy and should establish themselves well even in our heat. I'll keep you posted but I couldn't be happier and plan to order more in the fall.
  • Hi Kristin... before I forget - again - I'm writing to thank you for the wonderfully newsy and informative newsletters and to tell you how glorious your hydrangeas are. I've got them all in large planters bordering my front driveway. (had expected to move and take them with me) They are splendid and strong and I get rave reviews from visitors even though they're crowed in with my bamboo plants. (also in pots to take with me). Today, I saw hydrangeas for sale in a nursery and smiled to myself at the thought that folks buying them were getting second class plants.... the BEST come from you! No kidding. I've always liked hydrangeas, but I'm loving them now. I don't know what you do differently to produce the healthy, sturdy and lush looking plants I've got but I sincerely thank you for them. Quality and care and proper plant packing for shipment shows. Whatever you are doing, please keep it up. I'm grateful for the healthy plants I get from you, grateful for your catalog plant description and highly pleased to enjoy the beauty of your plant blooms. Hopefully this fall I can get them all in the ground.
  • Just wanted you to know that the hydrangea seemannii that I bought from you are so fabulous in bloom. You are right in that they do grow slowly and are getting bushy rather than tall. As I am covering a fence I am happy to have this happen. They are growing in full shade to sun most of the day with only afternoon sun. I have them growing with clematis etoile rose and I think that it will be beautiful in 5 or so years when they all get mature.
  • Great and helpful newsletter. I don't know how you do all that you do, but congratulations to all of you at hydrangeas plus for a great job educating us and providing us with wonderful plants. I never would have planted more than one plant if it weren't for hydrangeas plus.
  • The hydrangeas are doing beautifully, especially the PeeGee tree. I'll be ordering more from you because I'm so pleased with them and with your service!
  • You know I was just telling my hubby that I feel that I have my own private Hydrangea company! You are great and always so prompt in answering me, I have to say that working with you has been a true pleasure.
  • Thank you, thank you for the replacement hydrangea. We planted it right away (the afternoon that we received it). It is a good size and looks really healthy! My husband pointed out that I have purchased at least 5 hydrangeas from you and could I possibly want more????? Well, I'm sure that you know the answer to that! YES!!!!!
  • Thank you for sending my order so quickly. The hydrangeas arrived first thing this morning , have been put in two gallon containers and are beautiful!
    Joanne TN
  • Received my plant yesterday and it is beautiful, healthy and in the ground. Thanks so much for such a great plant. I am glad I found you.
  • I just had to tell you how delighted I am with the order I received last week. The plants were in topnotch condition...not a blemish on them. I planted them the next day and they're doing great. I will definitely order from you again and will happily and confidently refer you to anyone who is in the market for great plants at fair prices. Please keep me on your mailing list.
    Judy FL
  • Thank you for the hydrangeas which were nice and full, and in excellent condition when they arrived.
    Louise MD
  • Pink Diamond arrived this afternoon in great shape. Thanks a lot.
  • I received my plants today. I was very impressed at the packaging. I am very anxious to see them in bloom.