Hydrangeas Plus :: Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Our hydrangeas are not florist types and have not been forced to bloom before their natural time. Leaves may be absent if sent in early spring or late fall. We will do our best to send plants with buds in the spring. We cannot promise the plant will bloom and we can't guarantee bloom color.


The utmost care is taken in packing and shipping your hydrangea. We do not ship bare root (with no soil) like most mail order companies, and have found that it is much less shocking to the plant if the hydrangea is shipped with some soil in the root ball. The root ball and soil are wrapped in a small plastic bag, and then the entire plant is wrapped in newspaper and boxed. We typically ship two or three-day service depending on weather conditions.

We will ship your hydrangeas on the first Monday or Tuesday after the order date (cut-off is typically Monday at noon, EST), or on a later date if you make a specific request on the order form. We don't ship on holidays. To our customers in colder environments, we suggest Spring ship dates after the threat of frost is gone. If your temperatures are above 85 degrees, please select an alternative and later ship date.


We strive for 100% satisfied customers and have been very successful in providing our customers with quality hydrangeas. Our plants are grown in real-life conditions and will ease the transition to your real life garden. We do not ship the hydrangeas in their containers so we recommend you plant them right away once they arrive.

We promise to provide healthy, well-rooted and properly identified plants (by us) to our customers. Plants are not guaranteed to have blooms or specified bloom color. Most important, we can't guarantee their survival once the plants leave our care. Their success is ultimately up to you and your expertise and care of these plants. If they don't arrive in good condition please call within 48 hours. Some droopiness is expected but the plants should bounce back within days of being planted. If they don't bounce back in a reasonable period we will generally replace them at no cost but we require notification of the problem so that we can try and save them. Most often the problem with hydrangeas is planting too deep, in too dense of soil, too much water, sun, or other elements. We do not replace plants due to heat, wind, cold weather, chemicals, frost or water damage.

We ask that you contact us if there is a problem with the plant once it arrives so that we may take action immediately. The more time that passes, the less likely we will be able to help. We hope that you will work with us to try and save any plant in danger of failing. Please keep all shipping materials as we may ask you to send the plant back to us.

At no time will we refund more than the amount of the plants shipped. Shipping and handling is not refundable.

The color, sun tolerance and hardiness illustrated in our catalog is the historical evaluations we have for the varieties of hydrangeas that we grow. We cannot guarantee their survival even if the variety is rated for your zone. Microclimates, weather trends and extreme conditions cannot be predicted. Soil conditions to affect the color of the blooms. Newly transplanted plants should be protected the first winter to ensure the roots have been well established.

If you've ordered mail order before, you probably realize that we are very well priced given the size, quality and variety of our plants available. We try to keep our shipping and handling charges in line with our actual costs. Long story short, we don't "overcharge" for our plants in anticipation that some portion will require replacement. Certainly we will replace the plant or refund your money if there's something wrong with the plant, but generally not due to the environment in which they're a part of at the customer end.


Orders may be canceled at anytime prior to packaging. Any order that is canceled after tendered to the shipping company is subject to any cancellation fee the shipping company may charge. We reserve the right to charge restocking fees up to 30% of the total cost of the order if canceled after packaging.