Hydrangeas Plus :: Size of Plants we Ship

Size of Plants we Ship

Our 1-year plants have been grown in a 3.5 pot for at least one growing season. This container is approximately 3 by 3 and foliage is typically 2 to 4. Our 2-year plants are growing in a trade 1-gallon container for at least two growing season. The one-gallon plants have a root ball of approximately 4 to 5 inches and foliage can be 4 to 12 in height. Our 3-year plants are approximately three times larger and have been grown in a 3-gallon container for at least one season. The root balls are approximately 6 to 9 inches and foliage can be 12 to 24 in height. We do not force our plants out of their normal growing cycle so if you are receiving plants in early spring or late fall, they may be leafless or some state less than full leaf. We cut our hydrangeas often to spur new growth and a better branch system so heights vary by time of year and of course, by variety. Remember, hydrangeas grow quickly and the more branches your hydrangea has, the more blooms. Heights indicated in the catalog are the ideal mature size with annual pruning. We do not ship hydrangeas in bloom but will do our best to send plants that have buds. We do not guarantee our plants will bloom this year but we will do everything in our power to send you plants that will bloom.