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Dichroa Febrifuga

Dichroa Febrifuga
Hydrangea-like foliage that stays green all year long

I acquired this specimen from our wonderful Portland Classical Chinese Garden. It's been a vigorous healthy grower in part sun with blue blooms in the early summer and blue fruit in the later months. I am surprised that the bloom color is pH sensitive but lovely no matter what the aluminum availability may be in your soil. Research indicates that leaves were used for medical purposes in China and other parts of Asia. Strong stems and foliage will add color to your hydrangea garden all year long!

Weight 2.00 lbs
USDA zones: 7 to 9
Cut flower use: no
Sun tolerance: mostly sun
Bloom size (inches): 3 to 6
Bloom time: June-July
Blooms on New Wood? no
Color in neutral soil/no Al present: pink-purple
Color in acidic soil with Al present: blue-purple
Mature height and width (feet): 5 x 5
Fall color change: no
Our price: $11.95
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